czar808 asked:

Do you take commissions?

Hi there, I do take commissions, but just not at the moment. I’ve got a back log of work on and need to be on top of that. Probably after September I’ll be back in full swing.

doodlekhan asked:

you artworks are awesome, specialle the use handle of the acuarela, that other materials use to do your drawings?

I use a whole bunch of materials. Most of my illustrations are done with Staedtler Mars Lumograph HB pencils, Micron 001 ink pens and then watercolours.

I also use brush pens and coloured pencils a fair bit. Plus, most everything that goes online has gone through some digital revisions. Some minor, some major.

New Followers

For those stumbling across my work for the first time, and for those who are newly following me, welcome.

Here’s a little run down of some of the things I do/have done.


I write and illustrate the ongoing webcomic, Home Time. It’s about a group of children who find themselves lost in an enchanted forest and have to find their way home. It takes a lot of the classic tropes of European fairy tales and places them in an Australian context.

You can read the first 70 pages through here.



I am currently working on the latest edition of Storyteller Cards, a creative tool and game series with designer Jason Tagmire. You can find out more details through here.


I also draw a lot of isometric illustrations commissions, often based on popular series. This one is on the works of Studio Ghibli.


I also finished a years worth of daily watercolour drawings of each of the original NES video games. The drawings were done in chronological release order. You can see the first wave of 400 or so through here.

You can follow me on twitter instagram.

So that’s me!